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Set of three Canadian wool dryer balls, handmade, approximately 50 grams of durable wool.Dryer balls may vary in size slightly depending on the felting process but our dryer balls are approximately 11-12" round and are 50g of wool throughout so these will last for years.

Durable means:
Minimal shrinkage over time
Minimal pilling over time
More than 1,000 uses

The dryer balls reduce drying time through increasing and enhancing the "lofting" of your wet laundry allowing the hot air to pass through.. doing it's business faster, easier.. quicker. All to save time and money.

They have a beneficial side effect that they naturally soften your clothes.
They also have the beneficial side effect of reducing static cling with natural fibers.

Oh, and you can put a drop or two of essential oils on the dryer balls (and let it dry) before throwing it in the machine.. it'll, then, give your clothes a nice, light scent with no chemical aftertaste.

*Sold in packs of Three to facilitate and maximize the "lofting" activity of the dryer balls*

*Comes in a hand stamped cotton bag*


"Thank you, We appreciate your support and We hope Splat And Co can meet your dryer ball needs."- Jamie and Mike

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