Wool Dryer Ball FAQ'S

1) What are your dryer balls made of?

100% Canadian wool. We use a sturdy, hardy Canadian wool for long lasting dryer balls. They are 100% wool throughout and are well felted so they don't unravel.

2) Where does your wool come from?

We source our wool from a small family run Canadian mill located in Alberta. They use wool from Western Canadian sheep and use many environmentally sound practices in the processing.

4) Why Canadian?

We believe strongly in supporting our local industries and the environmental impact of our supply chain. Our wool is from one town away and then we manufacture the dryer balls here in Calgary AB. Making our carbon footprint minimal.

Most dryer balls on the market are made from wool in New Zealand and manufactured elsewhere. The wool is shipped from New Zealand to China or Nepal, made and then shipped to North America and then distributed. The environmental impact of transportation alone is huge. 

5) What makes your dryer balls different than what's on the market?

First off we use Canadian wool, most manufacturers use merino wool which is a beautiful fibre as it is soft making it wonderful for garments but it pills when agitated. Being that we use sturdier breeds ours do not pill as much as others and will not pill onto clothing. Also since they are sturdier they last much longer than most on the market. We say minimum 1,000 uses but many of our customers have had them for years. Ours are larger than many being about 11-12' circumference, wool throughout and a perfect amount of density. Not too dense but firm to do their job.

6) What do dryer balls do?

Dryer balls get your clothes moving around in the dryer like a juggler thus separating your clothes. Because of this action they reduce drying time by about 30%, soften your clothes and reduce static in natural fibre clothing.

7) Do wool dryer balls really work?

Yes, we have noticed our clothing is considerably softer, dries faster and reduces static. We hear consistently from customers how much they love them and they refer their friends to them as well. Check out our reviews under the listings.

8) How to use your dryer balls

Place three in your dryer and leave them there, it's that simple 😀

If you like a scent add a couple drops of an essential oil, allow to dry and place in dryer.

Use with natural fibres only, please hang dry your synthetics.

9) Do they work in all dryers?

Yes they do, different dryers may have a different effect on drying time.

10) Do the colors run?

No the colors are set and safe to use with whites.

11) Do I need to use fabric softener or dryer sheets?

No the dryer balls work as a natural fabric softener and natural static cling deterrent.

12) Are wool dryer balls as loud as the plastic ones?

No wool dryer balls are much much quieter than the plastic ones plus they are compostable when you are done with them so they don't end up in the land fill.

13) Can I use wool dryer balls with baby clothing and diapers?

Yes absolutely they are amazing for diapers and perfect for babies as there are no chemicals.

14) How long will they last?

A minimum of 1,000 uses but many of our customers have had them for 3-5 years.