100% Wool Ecofriendly Products

We are best known for our long lasting XL Wool dryer balls. Our dryer balls will last you more than 1,000 uses, will reduce your drying time by 30% or more,soften your clothes, reduce static with natural fibres and reduce wrinkles.

At Splat And Co we are proud to be 100% Canadian. When you purchase our handcrafted accessories you are supporting our local sheep farmers, a small family run mill and ourselves the makers of eco friendly products such as dryer balls,coffee cozies, knitwear and more.

We are inspired by nature and the outdoors and have the goal of making less of a carbon footprint.  We believe in creating quality products that will last for years and have a little fun with cute characters and bright colours. 

Splat And Co is a small family run business, all of our products are made in Calgary Alberta by ourselves.

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Jamie Bowen and Mike Ault

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"I love these dryer balls! The colour is super cute, doesn't bleed on white laundry items and they're so much easier to use than those horrible, small plastic dryer balls. I saw these at the Make It Show in Edmonton. They work like a charm, now to dry a full load of laundry takes about half the time it did before. The delivery was quick as well!"